Tragic: 12-year-old Philadelphia boy is fatally shot in his eye as he peered through glass in his front door after someone knocked and called his name at 3am

Sadeek Clark-Harrison, 12, was killed Sunday in his Philadelphia home after he peered through the glass of his front door

A Philadelphia boy is dead after being shot in the eye as he peered through a pane of glass in his front door.

Sadeek Clark-Harrison, 12, was killed when he put his face near the crescent of glass shortly before 3am Sunday after hearing a knock and a man’s voice shouting his name, his mother, Lisa Clark, told CBS Philly.

‘He didn’t even open the door. He looked at the top of the door and they shot him through his eye,’ Clark said.

Investigators said the gunman fled after firing the 9mm round. Police found the boy on his living room floor at 2.50am, reported 6abc Action News.

Medics attempted to revive Sadeek, but he could not be saved.

At the time of the shooting Sadeek was home with a 10-year-old sister and his grandmother, who relayed the story to the boy’s mother.

‘They took my baby away from me,’ the grieving Clark told the news station. ‘He was a good boy and he helped everybody around here.’

Neighbor Tony Colon recalled when Sadeek saved his life after the man suffered a diabetic episode.

‘I started crying. That kid is a good kid. I’ve seen him grown up and I’ve known the family for years,’ he told CBS Philly.


Family said they are planning a vigil for Sadeek in his Frankford neighborhood Monday at 6pm.

Investigators were on the Ditman St. block of the Clark home Sunday.

‘I hope that in situations like this that the community feels a sense of urgency to provide us with some information to help us to apprehend or be able to get some investigative help in this situation,’ said Deputy Commissioner Melvin Singleton with the Philadelphia police.

The boy’s mother said neighbors’ surveillance cameras should have captured footage of the shooting.

Sadeek’s family demanded that police and city officials work to find the boy’s killer. Police so far have made no arrests.

The family plans to march to City Hall after Sadeek’s funeral, reported CBS Philly.

As of August, 100 children had been shot in Philadelphia in 2020, police said.

Homicides in Philadelphia are up 38 percent this year compared to the same period in 2019, according to police. So far this year 440 homicides have been recorded in the city.

Philadelphia is on pace to have its worst year for murders in three decades, according to statistics from the Philadelphia Inquirer.

The Clarks’ Frankford neighborhood tallies several murders each year.

Facebook user Bee Roberson, who called herself Sadeek’s cousin, mourned the boy in a post Monday.

‘I swear if I could move all of my family from Philly I will,’ she wrote.