Martha Stewart opens up about her ‘painful’ divorce, revealing she hasn’t spoken to her ex-husband since they split 30 years ago

Martha, 79, said getting divorced from ex-husband Andrew Stewart (pictured right together) in 1990 ‘was a terrible thing for me,’ and that they haven’t spoken since is even ‘more painful.’ Of her five months at Alderson Federal Prison Camp in West Virginia in 2005, Martha (pictured left leaving jail) says she ‘got through it’ and ‘learned how to crochet.’ She also ‘reupped my ceramics’ because they had a ‘fabulous ceramics studio,’ calling it ‘my best memory.’ The mogul also discussed her friendship with Snoop Dogg, her teenage modeling days, and how she has never felt sexy. Reflecting on her viral pool selfie this summer, she said it was a ‘mistake,’ but it led to her discovering what a ‘thirst trap’ is – and she loves the concept.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail