Paula A. Price on Five Keys to Healing the Soul of America

When people ask me what I do, I’ve taken to describing myself as a “soulologist.” It’s much better than telling them I’m a pastor. As you might imagine that tends to shut down conversation pretty quickly. But “soulologist” is a word they’ve never heard before, and they’re curious to learn more.

As a “soulologist,” I view and touch the soul the way God created it with the Word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit. When people — and nations — have healthy souls, they can think differently and live powerfully.

When the soul of a nation is strong, it’s because its citizens unite, and each person’s soul becomes one with the other in the land. What happens to one happens to all. America’s motto on its coins — and its deep aspiration — says it best: “E Pluribus Unum” — out of many, one.

Courtesy of Paula Price

Today’s America is further from this than at any time in its history because the America that declared it — the American envisioned by our Founding Fathers — no longer exists. Instead, its melting pot rages and fumes at its very existence, and the soul of our nation becomes ever more divided and feeble.

So, what will it take to heal our nation’s struggling soul? I believe there are five keys.

1. Leaders must take the lead and define precisely the America of today. Until then, treating the soul of our nation is dubious at best. We can’t treat the patient until we diagnose the patient. As with any entity, a household, city, company or nation, it all begins with the leaders, the thinkers, the social engineers, the problem solvers and the visionaries.

2. Leaders must take the lead in recruiting, teaching, training, empowering and commissioning change agents. We must identify the changers committed to America’s healing and restoration. Leaders who conceive change hold power to achieve it by begetting change agents. If leadership is from the head down, then so are people’s answers and solutions.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Paula A. Price