Al Sharpton paid his relatives $80,000 last year through his civil rights charity the National Action Network, tax filing reveals

Reverend Al Sharpton’s nonprofit civil rights charity, the National Action Network, paid more than $80,000 to the preacher’s relatives last year, tax records show have revealed.

Receiving the bulk of the family-friendly funds was Sharpton’s 33-year-old daughter Ashley Sharpton, who was paid $63,250 for social media and consulting work for NAN, according to a 2019 tax filing obtained by the New York Post.

The reverend’s niece Nikki Sharpton, 45, also got some love from the organization, raking in $13,750 for special event work at NAN’s Atlanta location.

And Sharpton’s estranged wife Kathy Jordan Sharpton, from whom he separated in 2004, received a $5,000 grant from NAN, the filing showed.

The money doled out to Sharpton’s relatives represented a tiny fraction of the $7.5million NAN spent over the course of the year, when it received $7.8million in revenue.

As the president of NAN, Sharpton was paid $327,570 in 2019. That salary included a one percent raise from the year before.

However Sharpton’s final paycheck in 2019 was much lower than 2018’s, which included an extra $722,948 on top of his base salary because of money he was owed from previous years, NAN said.

About one-fourth of NAN’s 2019 expenses – $1.2million – were devoted to travel and transportation, the tax filing showed.

That included an astonishing $777,623 paid to Carey International, a luxury limousine service.

NAN spokeswoman Rachel Noerdlinger explained to the Post that the car service expenses encompassed transportation around the country not just for staff but for talent at the group’s annual conference and victims attending rallies or trials.

Noerdlinger said Sharpton used the car service infrequently because he prefers using his own vehicle.

The spokeswoman said 2019 saw such high travel expenses because it was a ‘banner organizing year in preparation for 2020’, citing ‘voter engagement and registration, work around the census and construction of NAN tech hubs around the United States’.

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Source: Daily Mail