Dr. Deborah Waterbury on Why Compromising on God’s Word is Always Wrong No Matter How We Feel

She sat across from me in my office, arms folded securely across her chest and her jawline tight in resolute rigidity. For the purposes of this article, I’ll call this woman Susan, though that is not her name. Susan had been in a lesbian relationship for a couple of years, and after that broke up, Susan made a profession of faith in Jesus as her Savior.

However, and this is a big however, Susan says she simply cannot believe that her relationship with her former girlfriend was a sin. Her argument is based on her love for this other woman, a love that she still deals with today, even though they haven’t been together for a while. Her heart is broken and her love is real. Consequently, she resolutely says she will never see that love as sin.

I do not question the sincerity of Susan’s claim to salvation. She says she knows Jesus and has accepted Him as the Lord of her life, so I have to take that at face value. Justification is immediate. Sometimes regeneration takes a little longer, but neither is my responsibility. The Holy Spirit is quite capable of convicting without my judgment getting in the way.

Deborah Waterbury, author of ‘Painted Window’ | (Photo: Bohlsen Group)

The truth is that my heart ached for her. I understand her, though not in the sense of her same-sex attraction. I understand her heart, and I understand that it’s a difficult organ to deny. However, that doesn’t change God’s Word, and I know that if her salvation experience was real, then God will convict her in His time. My job in that moment was to set the stage for whatever God intended to do.

And that’s a difficult task given today’s present climate. Religious leaders all over the world and from just about every denomination have publicly stood with her conclusion, advocating that love is love, and if it is love, then God will not stand against it.

The stage I set for her that day in my office was one where I was the leading lady and my sin was the central plot.

Many years ago, I was a worship leader at a large church, all while having an adulterous affair. After two years, we were caught, and I was put under immediate church discipline. After all, the Bible is very clear that adultery is a sin.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Dr. Deborah Waterbury