National Guard soldier, 29, committed suicide after she was ‘sexually assaulted and gang raped by fellow soldiers in Kuwait and Afghanistan’ – as her mom blames the Army for failing to stop the abuse

Morgan Robinson had been in the Army National Guard for six years when she was sent on her first deployment to Kuwait in 2016

The heartbroken mother of a soldier who killed herself after allegedly being sexually assaulted and gang raped by fellow soldiers has blamed the military’s failure to handle her daughter’s case for causing her death.

Army National Guard Staff Sgt Morgan Robinson died by suicide in August 2018 at the age of 29, two years after she was allegedly sexually assaulted in Kuwait, and later gang-raped while in Afghanistan.

According to a CBS investigation, Morgan had been in the Army National Guard for six years when she was sent on her first deployment to Kuwait in 2016.

Her mother, Debbie Robinson, revealed that while in Kuwait her daughter ‘was sexually assaulted and continually harassed by one of her superiors’.

Debbie said her daughter immediately reported the assault but in the end she ‘got nothing’.

Morgan, a mother of one who was engaged to be married, was on the same deployment when she was sent to Afghanistan.

While there Morgan was allegedly sexually assaulted again, but this time multiple soldiers gang raped her.

Debbie told CBS that her daughter was ‘very scared’ to report the alleged rape ‘because they threatened her’.

‘And number two, she knew that it wouldn’t go anywhere. Nothing happened in Kuwait with the sexual assault and the harassment, so why would they do something, you know, in Afghanistan?’ Debbie said.

Debbie said that she’s telling her daughter’s story because she wants people to know that Morgan was serving her country that she loved.

‘And to think that that’s what took her life. That’s what broke her,’ she said. ‘They wanted her body. And they took her soul.’

According to Debbie, the Army did launch an investigation into Morgan’s death.

She said once it was concluded they gave her a heavily redacted copy of the investigation.

In the unredacted pages of the report, one page says: ‘Sergeant Robinson suffered sexual, physical, and psychological trauma while deployed. The sequela of this trauma was a factor in her death.’

When CBS asked Debbie what she believed led to hear daughter’s death, she said: ‘The military. The way they did not handle what happened.’

But the Army said in a statement that they conducted a full investigation and took appropriate action against the reported perpetrator.

That action was in the form of a written reprimand against the officer who assaulted Morgan in Kuwait.

It is not known what action, if any, was taken over the alleged rape in Afghanistan.

Reports of military sexual assaults jumped by 13 percent in 2018, the same year Morgan took her life.

But an anonymous survey of service members released in May 2019 suggested the problem is vastly larger.

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