There’s a Devil Loose: ‘Pure Evil’ Brothers Arrested for Murder of 21-Year-Old Man Who They Lured With Promise of Sex Before Stabbing and Beating Him to Death

Danne Frazier, 21, went missing after leaving work in Lakeland, Florida, on November 4, and his body was discovered under a pile of debris in Lakeland six days later

Authorities in Florida have arrested two teenage brothers for the brutal murder of a 21-year-old man, who they say was lured to his death with the promise of sex before being stabbed, beaten with a baseball bat and dumped in an orange grove.

Danne Frazier was reported missing by his mother on November 4 after failing to return from work at a Publix supermarket warehouse.

Six days later, a work crew found the 21-year-old’s battered body under a pile of debris in Lake Wales and contacted the Polk County Sheriff’s Department, which determined that Frazier’s death resulted from foul play.

On Saturday, investigators acting on a tip arrested 18-year-old Angel Lobato, and his 19-year-old brother, JoJo Lobato, whom Sheriff Grady Judd described during a Monday press conference as ‘pure evil in the flesh.’

‘They bragged about [the murder],’ Judd said of the Lobato brothers. ‘They talked about how… they have street cred, they have their stripes, they [would] be respected on the streets because they’d done this murder.’

According to the sheriff, the suspects planned the murder for three weeks after Frazier tended to a cut on JoJo’s wrist and then befriended both him and his brother on social media.

JoJo and Angel Lobato were each charged with first-degree murder and eight other criminal counts, including conspiracy, robbery with a firearm, grand theft, accessory after the fact, and tampering with evidence.

Deputies also arrested the Lobatos’ alleged accomplice, 19-year-old Scott Engle, charging him with tampering with physical evidence, accessory after the fact, grand theft, possession of a stolen debit card and related counts.

All three suspects remained in the county jail without bond as of Tuesday morning.

Angel Lobato, 18, was arrested on Saturday on first-degree murder charges for allegedly stabbing and beating Frazier to death to earn ‘street cred’
JoJo Lobato, 19, was arrested on Saturday on first-degree murder charges for allegedly stabbing and beating Frazier to death to earn ‘street cred’
Scott Engle, 19, was arrested on a charge of accessory after the fact for allegedly trying to help the Lobatos withdraw money from Frazier’s bank account

According to the sheriff, the incident began unfolding at around 2am on November 4, when Frazier left work at the Publix warehouse in Lakeland and never arrived home.

While cops were looking for Frazier, they found out that someone had tried and failed to access the missing man’s money using his credit card, and that Angel Lobato had received cash from his account twice through a cellphone app on the morning of Frazier’s disappearance.

Frazier was lured to his death with the promise of sex with JoJo Lobato

Two days later, officers with the Lakeland Police Department interviewed Angel, who denied knowing anything about Frazier’s disappearance.

On the evening of November 6, Flagler County sheriff’s deputies pulled over a silver Chevy Impala with Frazier’s license plates. The driver, later identified as JoJo Lobato, fled on foot, leaving behind his passenger and brother, Angel Lobato, who claimed that he did not know who owned the car.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail, Snejana Farberov