A Year Marked by Coronavirus Plague and Economic Instability Creates Fertile Ground for the Gospel

A man removes religious icons from the floor of a damaged church. — Hussein Malla / AP

In a year that has been extremely difficult all around the world, countries in the Near East are particularly struggling. Cry Out Now encourages prayer for Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, and Iraq as people in these countries search for hope.

Hungry for Hope

Jane of Cry Out Now explains that ministries in these countries have been working hard to reach people even in a time when in-person conversations aren’t always possible.

It’s beautiful to see how God is orchestrating the things that are happening,” she says. “Some of the stories that I’ve been hearing over the last couple of weeks are [about] online outreaches. Different groups [are] getting involved in Facebook campaigns, Instagram campaigns, and Twitter to really see if there are people interested in knowing more about Jesus, His life, and what He’s done for us.”

“It’s been beautiful to hear so many positive reports [about] people responding.”

These online campaigns have also opened up the opportunity for collaboration among the Church in these countries.

“I’ve had people from different organizations contacting me saying, ‘We’re having people respond in a different area from where our team is. Are there workers in that area that could follow up with these people who are interested in having face-to-face meetings?’ or ‘We have people in this area who want Bibles. Do you know if somebody in that area that would be able to give Bibles to them?’” Jane says.

Jane also believes that this trying year has pushed many to become more receptive to Jesus.

“It’s been really exciting to see how there’s an openness that there hasn’t been before. We often talk about when the world is shaking, and when people are shaken in their normal ways of life, then their hearts start to break open to actually long for God.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Rachel Pfeiffer


  • Pray for people searching for Jesus.
  • Pray for open hearts in Lebanon.