Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary to Hold in-Person Commencement Ceremony

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and Scarborough College will hold an in-person commencement ceremony on Dec. 4 at 10:00 a.m. for both spring and fall 2020 graduates, President Adam W. Greenway announced today.

“The central purpose for which Southwestern Seminary and Scarborough College exists is to educate ministers of the Gospel for more faithful service,” Greenway said. “Celebrating the men and women who have completed their studies with an in-person commencement ceremony is a vital element of this institution’s mission. We will honor our graduates and commission them in their Gospel service, while also taking all appropriate precautions to minimize risk.”

The seminary had canceled its spring commencement ceremony last May due to COVID-19—the first such cancelation in the institution’s 112-year history. With proper precautions in place, however, the seminary’s leadership believes a fall commencement service is possible.

“I’m thrilled that we will be able to have our fall graduation in person on the campus,” said Randy L. Stinson, provost and vice president for academic administration, who explained that the school will be taking “COVID-related precautions” that include social distancing, masks, hand sanitizer, and multiple viewing venues.

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Source: Baptist Press