Christian Ministry in Northern Ireland to Sue Bank for Closing Its Account Because It Provides Therapy to People With Unwanted Same-Sex Attraction

A British Christian ministry that offers therapy to individuals with unwanted same-sex attraction will sue a major bank that closed its account.

Core Issues Trust, which is based in Northern Ireland, plans to file legal action against Barclays Bank for its decision back in July to close the ministry’s account.

Michael Phelps of the British legal group Christian Concern told the Financial Mail in comments published Saturday that he believes the bank discriminated against Core Issues Trust.

“This is about the belief [Core Issues Trust] holds concerning sexual orientation — that it is not necessarily innate or that you are born with it, that it can change over time, and that change can in part be affected by therapy that you undertake,” stated Phelps.

“Barclays is not being asked to propagate a message it disagrees with, but to provide a bank account. It is acting as a moral arbiter of what views in society are acceptable and not acceptable.”

For its part, Barclays defended its decision in a short statement to the Financial Mail, arguing that it had a right to end their business with the nonprofit ministry.

“Our terms and conditions — like other banks — allow us to end a relationship with any customer, provided we give two months’ notice,” stated the bank.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Michael Gryboski