BET Founder Robert Johnson Says Voting Democrat Has Given Black Americans ‘Minimal Return’

BET Founder Robert Johnson (Image: Tweitter/@realDailyWire)
BET Founder Robert Johnson (Image: Tweitter/@realDailyWire)

Black Entertainment Television founder Robert Johnson told CNBC Wednesday he doesn’t have much faith in a Joe Biden presidency and he doesn’t believe Black Americans have benefitted from supporting the Democratic Party.

“I think Black Americans are getting a little bit tired of delivering huge votes for the Democrats, and seeing minimal return in terms of economic wealth and closing the wealth gap, job creation and job opportunities,” Johnson, the millionaire entertainment magnate and philanthropist, told CNBC’s Hadley Gamble. “And Joe Biden was not an inspiring candidate for many Black Americans. And some of them stayed at home. Some of them voted for Trump.”

Johnson, the first Black billionaire, has his doubts that Biden and the Democratic Party will deliver on promises they made to Black Americans during this election cycle, particularly when it comes to the coronavirus’ effect on the Black economy.

Johnson could be right. According to NBC News, 80% of Black men supported Biden, down slightly from Hillary Clinton’s 82% in 2016  and significantly down from Barack Obama’s level of support among Black men in 2012 and 2008.

One of the reasons for the drop in support among Black Americans is Trump’s tax cuts have helped some Black Americans.

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Source: Black Enterprise