Trump’s Highest-Ranking Black Official Ja’Ron Smith Becomes the First White House Aide to Quit After the Election

President Donald Trump’s highest-ranking black official, Ja’Ron Smith, has left his job becoming the first White House departure post-Election Day

Bloomberg News reported that Smith, who worked under Jared Kushner, had his last day in the administration Friday.

A White House official told The Hill that Smith’s exit was long-planned and was coming regardless of the election result, which looks highly favorable to Trump’s Democratic rival Joe Biden.

Smith told PBS Newshour that he will become the executive director of the Center for Advancing Opportunity.

It’s described as an organization that ‘supports research in removing barriers and creating opportunities in fragile communities.’

Smith added that he still supports the president and hope he’s able to win re-election.

The aide joined the White House in 2017 and became the highest-ranking black official after the exit of Omarosa Manigault Newman in 2018.

Trump also has one black cabinet member, Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson.

In August, Smith spoke to the Republican National Convention audience.

‘Donald Trump knows that in the work of revitalizing communities, America’s strength is America’s people. And I can tell you – he really cares,’ Smith said in his speech. ‘But, more importantly, he takes action.’

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Source: Daily Mail