Andrew Yang Tears Into the Democrats for Becoming a Party of ‘Urban Coastal Elites’ Who Have Abandoned the Working Class and Are More Concerned With ‘Policing Cultural Issues’ After Their Dismal Results

Former presidential candidate Andrew Yang warned that the Democratic Party was becoming the party of the ‘coastal urban elites’ in the eyes of the working class American, insisting the country would ‘get worse’ if it didn’t work to represent more in the country.

The wealthy New York businessman voiced his concern while appearing on a CNN panel on Wednesday with Don Lemon, sharing an insight to some of the responses he received while on the campaign trail.

The warning echoes similar sentiments made by Bernie Sanders (I-VT) last week.

‘I would say, “Hey! I’m running for president!” to a truck driver, retail worker, waitress in a diner,’ Yang described. ‘And they would say, “What party?” And I’d say “Democrat” and they would flinch like I said something really negative or I had just turned another color or something like that.’

Yang, who is now a CNN contributor, continued: ‘And there’s something deeply wrong when working-class Americans have that response to a major party that theoretically is supposed to be fighting for them.

‘So you have to ask yourself, what has the Democratic Party been standing for in their minds? And in their minds, the Democratic Party, unfortunately, has taken on this role of the coastal urban elites who are more concerned about policing various cultural issues than improving their way of life that has been declining for years!’

Yang asserted that it was a ‘fundamental problem for the Democratic Party,’ to be so out of touch with working class people. It was then that Yang said that the polirzation and divisiveness in the country would ‘get worse if the party didn’t work to connect with the group.

‘They lost a plant that had 1,500 workers. And so if you’re a laid-off worker from that plant and you say “What is the Democratic Party doing for me,” it’s unclear,’ Yang said.

‘We can talk about a unifying message from Joe Biden, he’s naturally a unifying figure, but then there’s the reality on the ground where their way of life has been disintegrating for years.’

‘If we don’t that, then we’re going to see a continued acceleration towards the institutional mistrust that animated the Trump vote and will continue to do so.’

Yang’s comment came as crucial swing states like Michigan and Pennsylvania started to lean heavily towards Biden as mail-in ballots began getting tallied.

And many on Twitter took issue with Yang’s comments, insinuating he was out of touch with the party.

‘The question for @AndrewYang is… “who is “they” at the end of this clip?” It sounds to me like he is speaking about WHITE working class people. Unless BLACK WOMEN in South Carolina and in the rest of the US are now ALL “coastal elites”, Andrew… you are way off here,’ said one user, Jason Sherbundy.

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Source: Daily Mail