Prophecy Teacher Irvin Baxter Jr Dies at 75 After Contracting Coronavirus

Endtime MInistries’ “End of the Age” telecast aired a tribute Wednesday night to its founder, Irvin Baxter Jr., who died from COVID-19 complications on Oct. 30, 2020. | Endtime Ministries

The Rev. Irvin Baxter Jr., well-known for his television program “End of the Age,” has died at 75 of complications from an intense weeklong bout with COVID-19, said his Endtime Ministries.

“We will continue in his legacy, sharing the message and good news,” said Dave Robbins, Baxter’s co-host, who will now take a higher-profile role in the broadcast. Robbins anchored a video tribute to his former leader that was released late Wednesday. Baxter’s operations director and grandson, Vince Stegall, will have added responsibilities in off-camera facets of the ministry.

The television program reaches 100 million households in North America and millions more globally through satellite and cable channels. TBN, Daystar, TCT, WHT, FETV, WACX, PTL, Uplift TV and Faith TV have carried the show. His radio program has been aired by many AM and FM stations, gaining significant followings in some large cities, such as Dallas, Texas. He also published a magazine.

Saved at an early age, Baxter started traveling as an evangelist at 19. He never lost his passion for souls, often reminding audiences of the need to give their lives to Christ.

“Even though I believe in a post-Tribulation Rapture, I’ve never put that in our magazine because I wanted Endtime Magazine to be a soul-winning tool, not a debating forum,” he once said on the televised “End of the Age.”

Baxter became a pastor at 26, and led Oak Park Church in Richmond, Indiana, for nearly a third of a century. The church is affiliated with the United Pentecostal Church International, which believes there is only one God – Jesus – not a Trinity. However, Baxter’s Endtime Ministries is not connected to the UPCI.

Endtime Magazine debuted in 1991 and “End of the Age” about a decade later. Baxter also authored books, including A Message to the President in 1986, in which he said the United States, Russia, and other contemporary countries are identified in Scripture. In the work, he predicted the tearing down of the Berlin Wall and reunification of Germany, which happened just three years later.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Kyle Huckins