Trump Demands Wisconsin Recount After Joe’s 20,000-Vote Victory and Big Lead in Michigan Put Him on Brink of White House: Biden’s Team Says He Has ‘Leads in States’ That Put Him Over 270 Electoral Votes Today

Trump is already demanding a recount in Wisconsin, where Biden is leading by 20,000 votes, as he continues to rage over the election results and cry ‘fraud’, claiming his lead mysteriously ‘vanished’ overnight thanks to ‘surprise dump ballots’.

Biden is ahead in Wisconsin with 20,000 votes. The only votes that are not yet counted are from a small town that is home to 300 people, the state’s Election Commission Administrator Meagan Wolfe said on Wednesday afternoon, which makes it all but certain that it has gone to Biden.

As is stands, Biden has 49.57 percent of the vote with 1.63million and Trump has 48.95 percent of the vote with 1.609million.

Wisconsin gives Biden another 10 electoral college votes and Michigan, which is also in his sights, brings another 16. If he wins Nevada tomorrow as predicted, landing an additional 6 votes, he will have reached the 270 electoral college votes he needs to claim the White House.

In Michigan, Biden is leading by 45,000 votes.

Trump, whose chances at winning are fast shrinking, has already vowed to contest it.

He is leading in Pennsylvania, Georgia and South Carolina but even if he wins all three, he will not have enough to claim a clean victory.

‘The President is well within the threshold to request a recount and we will immediately do so.

‘There have been reports of irregularities in several Wisconsin counties which raise serious doubts about the validity of the results,’ Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien said in a statement shortly after Wisconsin chief election official Meagan Wolfe announced the state went for Biden.

To contest a recount in Wisconsin, the margin between the two candidates needs to be 1 percent or less, which it is.

Biden seems to be crawling along a razor-thin path to the White House after claiming a narrow lead in Michigan too.

By 1pm EST on Wednesday, his lead there was 49.66% to Trump’s 48.8%.

Meanwhile, the President cried fraud and claimed his overnight majority had ‘magically disappeared’ thanks to ‘surprise ballot dumps’ in Democrat states.

Neither the President nor Joe Biden has yet reached the 270 electoral college votes they need to claim the White House and ballot counting will continue throughout the day and even the week.

Biden has officially won the most votes of any presidential candidate. He currently has 69,543,071 votes, which is 50% of the total vote reported so far.

That beats Barack Obama, who, in 2008, won that record with 69,498,516 total votes, according to the Federal Election Commission.

If Biden wins Michigan and Wisconsin – with results due by early afternoon – and then, as expected, takes Nevada tomorrow – he will win the election with the key 270 electoral votes.

Equally, he could take Michigan, Wisconsin and North Carolina today which would land him a victory, as would winning Michigan, Wisconsin and Georgia, though those scenarios seem less likely because votes in both of the southern states are still being counted.

Then it won’t matter what happens in the Pennsylvania vote which was likely to be the subject of messy Trump legal challenges if he failed to win it when it finally finishes counting votes on Friday.

The only way for Trump to win is if he snatches back Michigan and Wisconsin today, then wins another 28 points in any combination of Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Nevada.

But even as they dared dream of Biden finally entering the White House after decades of trying, and an end to the Trump regime, it was dawning on many Democrats that this was not the new era they had hoped for.

Despite almost every opinion poll predicting an easy Biden victory the election turned into an all-night nail-biter before a route home eventually opened up for Joe Biden.

It most certainly was not the national rejection of Trump they wanted.

Trump still achieved 48 percent of the popular vote and notched up even MORE ballots than he did in 2016, albeit on a much higher turnover.

He also appeared to have made inroads into the black male and Latino demographics and not alienated as many white women as the polls suggested.

Meanwhile there was further disappointment in the Senate which remains tied at 47-47 so far – with little hope of Democrats eventually taking control.

And in another bitter blow to Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Republicans even took BACK some House seats, closing the gap to give the Democrats a mere 89 against their 183 seats, with just a few left to call.

All in all, the disappointing night for the Democrat party risks leaving Biden with little chance of enacting a radical agenda of change, frustrating the left wing of his party.

As leading Democrat donor Barry Diller said: ‘It clearly will be that there is no progressive agenda that’s got any steam behind it, given what is likely to happen with a divided Congress.’

Diller, chairman of Expedia and IAC, told CNBC he was ‘humbled’ by the results so far.

He said: ‘I had hoped for a repudiation’ of Trump, but ‘for all the reasons that are kind of obvious that has not happened.’

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Source: Daily Mail