Illinois Pastor James Ward Calls on Christians to Return to God, Says America is ‘Perishing Unnecessarily’ as Other Pastors Also Call on American Christians to Humble Themselves, Pray, and Turn Back to God

Pastor James Ward speaks at a pre-election prayer event at the Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C., Nov. 2, 2020. | YouTube/James E Ward Jr

Amid division and hatred in the nation, one Illinois pastor believes America is “perishing today unnecessarily.”

Addressing fellow church leaders and the public on Monday during America’s Pre-Election Online Prayer and Communion Service, held at the Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C., Pastor James Ward of INSIGHT Church said the future of America “is not guaranteed” and that God is warning His people to return to Him.

“It is most unfortunate and it really breaks my heart that in America, we are perishing today unnecessarily,” he said. “I believe with all my heart that God is calling America to not only turn but to return to Him to live and not die.

“You don’t have to die. You don’t have to perish unnecessarily.”

His comments came during a contentious election season and a day before the general election. A Rasmussen poll conducted in June found that 34% of likely U.S. voters think the United States will experience a second civil war in the next five years.

Ward said many cities across the country are experiencing “Hell on earth” and largely because Christians have stopped praying.

“Whenever God’s people stop praying, stop proclaiming and stop promoting ‘thy Kingdom come and thy will be done here on earth as it is in Heaven,’ Satan’s kingdom will come and his will will be done on earth as it is in Hell in contrast to as it is in Heaven,” he said.

“We don’t have to live the way that we’re living under Hell’s dominion. Christ has made it possible so that the blessing of Abraham can come upon gentiles, any person … because God so loved the world.”

Ward’s call for Christians to get on their knees and return to God was echoed by other church leaders on Monday.

Pastor Mark Daniel of Focal Point Church in Orlando acknowledged that 2020 was not a normal year but that God allows disruptions so that His people can stop drifting from Him and turn back.

“A heavenly alarm has sounded and it is continuing to sound,” Daniel said. “I think the Church has abdicated our hope to a politician or to someone else and we’re needing to return and say our hope is Jesus Christ.”

Christians have “departed from His Word, from His ways” in the family, society and the Church and God is calling them to humility and prayer.

“We say, ‘God come heal our land,’ but He’s saying, ‘I’m looking for you to respond, my people,’” Daniel said. “We should not be trying to get back to normal. We should be looking for an urgency, a humbling to come upon us.”

Pastor Carlton Arthurs, founder of Wheaton Christian Center in Illinois, also warned on Monday that these are the “last days.”

“We’ve entered definitely what the Word of God refers to as the last days. The end of the age is rushing upon us. God’s people must know.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Jackson Elliott