There’s a Devil Loose: 8-Year-Old is Shot While Trick-or-Treating in Harlem

New video obtained by the Post shows the moment an 8-year-old girl out trick-or-treating with her family is shot in the leg in Harlem.

The footage shows the little girl walking with her dad and sister on Lenox Avenue between West 117th Street and West 118th Street on Saturday evening. All of a sudden, people on the sidewalk scatter and the dad pushes one of the girls out of the way while the other girl falls to the ground.

The dad, who asked to remain anonymous, said Sunday that the threesome — both young girls in costumes — was walking to meet his wife at a CVS on the corner when he saw the gunman pull out his weapon.

“I hear shots,” he said. “I pushed my youngest out of the way and then grab her but she’s yelling, ‘My leg!’”

The dad, who was struck in the arm, ran into the street and grabbed a cab to a hospital. A third victim was also struck in the arm but expected to survive.

Source: NY Post