LifeWay Women Launches New App

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — I lost my job almost four months ago. I’m feeling hopeless and frustrated. I’m struggling to remind myself that God will provide.

I am in end-stage renal failure and on dialysis. I have an amazing support system, but sometimes it’s hard.

Please pray for me that my relationship with my husband and sons as well as with my whole extended family will continue to be restored.

These are a few of the prayer requests being shared in virtual community on the new LifeWay Women app.

In the throes of one of the most isolated seasons in human history, LifeWay Women launched this new tool to keep women connected. The recent release of the LifeWay Women app has yielded more than 7,000 downloads since its inception in August.

But prayer in virtual community is merely one way the LifeWay Women app is serving thousands all over the world. Through this tool, women can also:

  • Read the latest news and updates from LifeWay Women.
  • Study Bible passages that correspond with daily Bible study book entries and reflect through journaling prompts.
  • Receive notifications for accountability in their personal Bible reading.
  • Start their own group and begin a Bible study together.
  • Share thoughts, encouragement, and prayer requests.
  • Listen to episodes of the “Marked” podcast the in-app player.

“So many women around the globe have not only experienced different levels of great loss this year—they’ve done it alone, due to the pandemic,” said Chelsea Waack, the app’s content manager. “But now, we hope to come alongside these women, albeit virtually, and humanize what has sometimes been reduced to avatars and characters typed on a page.”

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Source: LifeWay