White House Coronavirus Testing Expert Brett Giroir Warns of ‘Draconian Measures’ Ahead if US Doesn’t Get New Cases Under Control but Says a Vaccine Could Be Achieved This Month and Will ‘End the Pandemic’

White House COVID-19 testing expert Brett Giroir said on Wednesday that the nation was a ‘critical point’ in its pandemic response and that if more people didn’t start following the rules, more ‘draconian measures’ could be ahead even though deaths are declining.

There has been an increase in the number of cases in the US in recent months which has led to fears of a second wave.

The US now has 8,781,354 cases and there have been 226,752 deaths.

But the death rate and hospitalization rate is slowing compared to how it rapidly spiked in March and April.

Giroir told Today that the government would be able to handle the crisis but only if people ‘start taking it seriously’.

‘We are at another critical point in the pandemic response. We are starting to see the increase deaths but I do want to emphasize – we can control the virus.

‘We know how to do that. We have the tools to combat this, we can control it,’ he said.

He went on to say that if individual states and cities didn’t start handling it in a more unified way, there could be ‘draconian measures’.

‘Americans have done a great job… mask wearing is up – we will have a vaccine.

‘It may be this month, next month, December – this will not go on forever. The vaccine will end the pandemic,’ he said.

However CDC Director Dr. Fauci says a vaccine, even if it comes soon, will take more than a year to roll out in a meaningful way.

Fauci, the Director of the CDC, was giving a talk over Zoom to The University of Melbourne in Australia.

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Source: Daily Mail