WATCH: In Latest Video, Phil Vischer Offers Some Advice on How He Believes Christians Should Vote

Phil Vischer offers Christians a guide on voting, October 2020. | YouTube/Phil Vischer

Phil Vischer, creator of the popular Christian animation “VeggieTales” and voice of Bob the Tomato, has been actively using his platform to address the political climate and recently offered some insight on how he believes Christians should vote.

The animator’s most recent video provides a “Christian’s guide to approaching the voting booth.” It does not tell people who to vote for.

Vischer said the popular way of voting in this day and age is if “you’re conservative, you vote for conservative candidates who will implement conservative ideas. If you’re liberal, you vote for liberal candidates who will implement liberal ideas.” However, he noted that Christians do not fit in either category or at least they shouldn’t.

“What if you’re Christian. Here’s the deal, Christian teaching doesn’t always line up neatly on the conservative or the liberal side,” he said. “Historically, evangelical Christians wouldn’t have thought of themselves as either liberal or conservative. They thought of themselves as Christian.”

The Holy Post host said changes in America are what caused churchgoers to go along with the changes. Prior to the shift, he explained that Christians would support whichever policy or candidate “they agreed with most.”

“Beginning in the 1960s, something happened. Some people have called it ‘the big sort.’ Political scientist Alan Abramowitz calls ‘it the great alignment,’ where Americans rearrange themselves and their political parties along new lines, conservative and liberal, and the church followed right along,” Vischer noted.

He called these new labels ideological constraints but pointed out that in the 1950s few Americans identified themselves by ideology such as “liberal or conservative.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Jeannie Law