Trump and Obama Battle in New Wrinkle for 2020 Campaign

Former President Obama appears to be getting under President Trump’s skin as he returns to the campaign trail to try to end the Trump presidency and win Democrat Joe Biden’s election.

Obama has traveled to the swing states of Pennsylvania and Florida to stump for his former vice president, to the apparent annoyance of Trump — who is zeroing in on his predecessor more than ever.

Trump criticized Fox News for airing an Obama speech from Florida on Tuesday, just the latest incident of him lashing out at Obama.

Trump has mentioned Obama repeatedly on Twitter, talked about him during the debates and criticized him at rallies, usually referring to “Barack Hussein Obama” to mock the former president’s middle name. And he’ll have another chance to weigh in when Obama appears alongside Biden at a campaign event in Michigan on Saturday.

Ex-Obama aides and other Democrats relish the antagonism, believing Obama is unnerving Trump.

“He has allowed Obama to get under his skin and is obsessed with the fact that his presidency pales in comparison to the prior one,” said Ben LaBolt, who served as a spokesman to Obama at the White House and on his presidential campaigns.

“He is living in a fantasy land where he is just a celebrated cable commentator on Fox commenting on the conspiracy theory of the day and he doesn’t have to run against Joe Biden to win another term,” LaBolt said. “But reality is creeping up on him fast.”

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Source: The Hill