Catholic Student Reinstated as Senate President at Florida State University After School’s Supreme Court Rules His First Amendment Rights Were Violated

FSU student Jack Denton

Florida State University student Jack Denton has been reinstated as student Senate president after being ousted for sharing his beliefs on transgenderism and abortion.

The school’s Supreme Court ruled Monday that the Senate violated Denton’s First Amendment rights and its own procedure to oust him from office.

“It’s really big. It’s absolutely critical,” said ADF legal counsel Logan Spena in an interview with The Christian Post. “What happened here was just related to Mr. Denton’s religious speech on his political views. There was no basis other than that.”

Denton’s case is important because it shows students around the nation that they’re protected by the First Amendment, Spena said. Spena is the ADF counsel assigned to Denton’s case.

“Removing [Denton] as Senate president violated his constitutional rights under the First Amendment; and [we order] a writ of mandamus ordering his reinstatement as Senate president,” the court’s decision on his case said.

The case started when Denton messaged a private Catholic student group chat saying that “Everyone should be aware that, Reclaim the Block, [sic] and the ACLU all advocate for things that are explicitly anti-Catholic,” reported FSU’s student newspaper, which received screenshots of the chat from an anonymous source.

Denton went on to say that transgenderism, abortion and the defunding of police departments contradict the Catholic Church’s teachings on the common good and are “grave evils.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Jackson Elliott