Wycliffe USA Releases Children’s Book on Importance of Bible Translation

Photo courtesy of Wycliffe USA

Bible translation is more important than ever during these trying times and Wycliffe USA is hoping to show that to younger generations. Using their kid’s brand, Kate and Mack, they’re bringing awareness to the great need for Scriptures in all languages.

“Kate is a Wycliffe missionary kid, and together with her best friend Mack, they travel all around the world and they learn about different people, languages, and cultures. And it helps kids understand God’s great love for all people, no matter where they live or what language they speak,” Melissa Paredes, Wycliffe USA’s Associate Director of Education Programs, says.

The latest launch in the Kate and Mack brand is an adventure to the Tower of Babel to where languages began. This is Wycliffe USA’s first storybook, straying away from their more educational curriculums.

“We just help kids understand where languages began and therefore why Bible translation is important and help teach them a little bit more about the need for Bible translation,” Paredes says. “The Tower of Babel happened thousands of years ago and we don’t really think about the fact that that is when languages first began. Today, God is still working on redeeming that story so that people can understand who He is in the language that best speaks to their hearts.”

With over 7,000 languages worldwide, the need for people to have Scripture they can understand is great. Wycliffe USA also plans to have lesson plans for parents hoping to use these books to teach their children.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Briana Dortch


  • Pray that younger generations will see the importance of Bible translation.
  • Pray that those without Scripture in their own language will soon be able to understand the Gospel.
  • Pray for the parents that are trying to be intentional in their children’s education while they are being taught at home.