Tony Miltenberger on The Reason You Might be Feeling a Little Crazy Lately

I’m going to guess that life has felt like A LOT for you lately. It has probably felt heavy, overwhelming, and at times you may not even be sure if you are coming or going. 

What I want to suggest to you today is that prolonged stress will turn your cracks into canyons.

What is a crack? A crack is a stress point in your life that you can usually find a way to workaround. You know it’s there, but it doesn’t impact day-to-day operations. It exists in your life but doesn’t really change your life.

A crack might be the communication issue in your marriage. A crack might be the discontentment in your work. A crack might be the identity issue your children are dealing with, or really any part of parenting.

Courtesy of Tony Miltenberger

Despite what Instagram posts would have us believe, EVERYONE has cracks.

Prolonged stress will always exploit our cracks, and very often turn them into canyons.  Examples of prolonged stress can be; military deployments, hard seasons at work, COVID, or basically most of 2020.

So, now that our cracks have turned into canyons what do we do?

The best thing that canyons give us is that they can’t be avoided, but they can be explored. 

With canyons, we have the opportunity to dive deep within ourselves and connect with things that we wouldn’t normally be able to see by ourselves.

Here are five thoughts on navigating canyons in your life:

1.  Admit that this is a canyon. The only way to be destroyed by the metaphorical canyon is to not recognize you are on the ledge. Sometimes avoidance can be a good coping mechanism, but when it comes to something like this – if you don’t look down, you will definitely fall. Recognize the stress point, spend some time identifying the edges, get comfortable with the fact you have a canyon in your life.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Tony Miltenberger