New York Episcopal Bishop William Love Announces Resignation, Says He is ‘Disappointed’ and ‘Strongly Disagrees’ With Panel Ruling That He Violated Canon Law by Refusing to Allow Same-sex Marriages in His Diocese

The Rt. Rev. William Love, IX Bishop of Albany, gives his address at the 152nd annual Diocesan Convention on Oct. 24, 2020. | YouTube/Episcopal Diocese of Albany

A bishop of The Episcopal Church announced that he’ll be stepping down from office weeks after the denomination’s disciplinary panel ruled that he violated canon law by refusing to allow same-sex marriages in his diocese.

Addressing the Diocesan Convention on Saturday, Bishop William Love of the Episcopal Diocese of Albany said he will resign as bishop on Feb. 1, 2021, according to Anglican Ink.

On Oct. 5, the denomination’s Hearing Panel found Bishop Love guilty “by clear and convincing evidence” of violating Resolution B012, a measure passed in 2018 requiring that all Episcopal dioceses allow for the blessing of same-sex unions.

The panel stated: “Depriving same-sex couples of access to matrimony materially and substantially impacts their spiritual, emotional and physical well-being as people of God. The expression of love changes dramatically when it is recognized, welcomed and witnessed. The loss of a public ceremony impacts the couple, the family and friends and the community.”

“I am very disappointed and strongly disagree with the Decision of the Hearing Panel, particularly their belief that I violated my ordination vows and their argument that B012 was passed as an authorized revision to the Book of Common Prayer,” Bishop Love wrote in an op-ed published by Anglican Ink.

While the bishop is resigning, he has questioned the interpretation of the nature of B012. “Was it properly constituted and passed as an authorized revision to the Book of Common Prayer (BCP) or not?” he asked.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Anugrah Kumar