Moms for America Holds Press Conference in Support of Judge Amy Coney Barrett

(Reuters/Jonathan Ernst)

Throughout the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings this week with U.S. Supreme Court Nomination Amy Coney Barrett, members of Moms of America (MFA) have demonstrated their support.

Kimberly Fletcher, founder and president of Moms for America®, will be holding a press conference at the House Triangle, U.S. Capitol at 10 a.m. Thursday, Oct. 15 to address the Judge Amy Coney Barrett confirmation hearings.

The list of speakers currently confirmed for the press conference include Fletcher; Congressman Steve King; Debbie Kraulidis, vice president, Moms for America; Juleen Jackson, vice president, Moms for America; Pastor Shannon Wright; and Ann Schockett, president, National Federation of Republican Women. They will address why it’s critical to confirm a female judge who abides by the Constitution.

“Judge Barrett would be an excellent Supreme Court justice. She is a constitutionalist who would interpret laws as written with due respect to the legal foundation that has made our nation possible,” Fletcher said. “As a woman of demonstrated integrity and mother of seven, Judge Barrett would also bring to the highest court the commonsense perspective of a mom and concern for the nation our children will inherit.

“Following President Donald Trump’s nomination of Judge Barrett, left-wing pundits have attacked Judge Barrett for everything from her faith to her two children who joined her family through adoption. These baseless attempts to attack Judge Barrett’s character show how desperate the left is to prevent another appointment to the Supreme Court by President Trump. Instead of justices who rule in accordance with our Constitution, left-wing radicals want political operatives on the court who will invent arguments for the latest progressive social movement.

“For this reason, it is imperative that the United States Senate confirm Judge Barrett without delay. MFA has a petition calling for Judge Barrett’s confirmation. Moms who wish to join us in demonstrating support for the immediate confirmation of Judge Barrett can sign the petition at The next appointment to the Supreme Court will affect our lives and our children’s lives for decades. Our senators have the opportunity to confirm a strong justice who will respect the freedoms ensured by our Constitution. We must call on them to act now.”

SOURCE: Moms for America