New Exhibit Celebrating Unborn Life Open at Creation Museum

(A. Larry Ross Communications)

Using the latest scientific discoveries and teachings from the Bible, a team of artists, technicians and scientists has created a $1.2 million visually-striking exhibit called “Fearfully and Wonderfully Made” for the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky. With life-like models depicting a baby’s development in the womb and other displays, along with 4D ultrasound videos, this tasteful exhibit opened Sept. 25 and is included with the general admission charge. The exhibit was entirely funded by donations.

The name of the exhibit, “Fearfully and Wonderfully Made,” comes from a phrase in Psalm 139:14 (ESV): “I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.”

Ken Ham, CEO and founder of Answers in Genesis and its Creation Museum, said: “This new exhibit is spectacular and very powerful in its presentations. Our talented artists and A/V staff, working from the research of our PhD faculty, have created a tastefully done exhibit which includes exquisite models, starting with the baby as a fertilized egg. Guests then see models showing the development of the child over nine months.”

“Medically, there can be no doubt: life begins at fertilization,” Ham added. “As the exhibit states, ‘when the chromosomes from the sperm and the egg combine … a genetically unique individual is formed.’ And biblically, we know from Genesis chapter 1 and other passages that we are all made in the image of God and thus have value.”

Guests can see how the organs develop inside a baby’s body. Visitors will watch stunning 4D ultrasound footage of babies growing in the womb. The associated signage presents the biblical and scientific evidence that life begins at fertilization.

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SOURCE: Liberty Counsel