At Miami town hall, Biden says “I wasn’t surprised” by Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis and suggests President should take responsibility for contracting virus

President Trump’s Democratic rival Joe Biden participated in a town hall in Miami on Monday night where he addressed the president’s coronavirus diagnosis and the importance of wearing a face covering to help curb the spread of the virus.

“Quite frankly, I wasn’t surprised,” Biden said when asked about his initial reaction to Mr. Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis. He then went on to say, “Anybody who contracts the virus by essentially saying masks don’t matter … social distance doesn’t matter … are responsible for what happens to them.”

When asked about masks, Biden replied, “What is this macho thing, ‘I’m not going to wear a mask?’ What’s the deal here? Big deal, does it hurt you? Be patriotic for God’s sake! Take care of yourself, but take care of your neighbors.”

Biden and Mr. Trump faced off in their first presidential debate in late September, during which the president mocked Biden for wearing a mask. The debate was widely described at the time as exhausting and chaotic.

Biden said earlier Monday that he is open to next week’s debate with Mr. Trump — if it is deemed safe to do so.

“If the scientists say that it’s safe and the distances are safe, then I think that’s fine,” Biden told reporters before leaving for Florida. “I’ll do whatever the experts say is the appropriate thing to do.”

SOURCE: CBS News — Peter Martinez, Bo Erickson