No Time for Evil Episode 3 by Daniel Whyte III with Meriqua Whyte

No Time for Evil

Judgment must begin at the house of God

Plagues do not come without a cause


by Daniel Whyte III
with Meriqua Whyte


No Time For Compromising Pastors


I have seen also in the prophets of Jerusalem an horrible thing: they commit adultery, and walk in lies: they strengthen also the hands of evildoers, that none  doth return from his wickedness: they are all of them unto me as Sodom, and the inhabitants thereof as Gomorrah.” 

(Jeremiah 23:14)


* * * * *


Prophet Malcolm’s words echoed in Bishop Akron’s mind long after they had bid each other good-bye. 

I blame the church first. The church has to stop playing and preying and get back to praying.  Pastors must stop competing with each other. We must stop compromising the Word and preach the Gospel and the whole counsel of God.

All three points uttered by Prophet Malcolm disturbed Bishop Akron and left him feeling guilty as he went about his daily tasks. I must get back with Prophet Malcolm on that, he said to himself as he swerved a little to the left to avoid hitting a cyclist who had entered onto the road seemingly from out of nowhere.

Although quite a number of businesses had closed their doors because of the city lockdown at the insistence of the governor, Bishop Akron kept his church doors open for in-person services giving the excuse that the parishioners will want to come and pray throughout the week, and in obedience to the Word of God, they must not forget the assembling of themselves together to encourage each other to keep on keeping on. The truth is, he loved to hear the praises, receive the hugs and handshakes and the occasional pecks on the cheek after services. He especially loved to see the congregants march to place their envelopes in the offering plate each Sunday. Put his church on lockdown? No. I don’t think so. Prophet Malcolm with his small church can close his doors. But not me.


* * * * * 


“Ashley Madison, Ashley Madison, what have you done now?” Prophet Malcolm said to himself but loud enough for his wife Sadie to hear.

“Ashley Madison? Who is that?” Sadie asked glancing up from the Christianity Today magazine  she was reading. 

“Oh, I just ran across this news report of some pastors who have been busted. They have been cheating on their wives, trying to keep it a secret by getting their sex partners through this website called Ashley Madison. The report is that over thirty-five thousand people are on this list which she is being pressured to release in full, or she’s threatening to release in full. Sad to say, a large number of the people on the list are pastors and pastors’ wives.” 

“That’s interesting,” Sadie said. “Like the Word of God says, ‘your sins will find you out.’”

“Pay day some day,” Prophet Malcolm said.


* * * * * 


“My wife was so right when she quoted that verse your sins will find you out,” Prophet Malcolm shared with Bishop Akron on their next Sunday evening chat. 

“They sure will,” Bishop Akron said. “And when you least expect it.”

“God is a very merciful God, and He pours out His mercy upon us day in and day out, giving us space to repent. But like I foolishly thought when I was much younger in the Lord: God is a loving God; He’s not going to come down on me too hard. Little did I know then that that’s exactly why He comes down on us and chastises us: because He is a loving God. Like my grandfather used to say: ‘The wheel of God grinds slo’ but it grinds sho’. So I do all I can to not get God started,” Prophet Malcolm said. “I didn’t quite understand those words until after I fell under God’s chastening hand. And His chastisement was long and painful.”

“Yes, sir,” Bishop Akron said. “One thing my father used to tell me when he was getting ready to put the strap to my backside because of my disobedience was, you’d better take heed to my rebuke and chastisement which only lasts for a little while and not let God have to chastise you as His chastisement lasts a long time and it is thorough. And he would stretch that word ‘thorough’.”

“That’s right. But these pastors today don’t believe that. They are compromising on the Word of God. They have watered down the Gospel to make it more palatable to the people because they covet the praises of men rather than the praises of God. I was talking to a preacher friend of mine just this past week and you would not believe what he told me,” Prophet Malcolm said. “He told me he watches the people’s faces as he preaches. If they look mad then he tones his preaching down. If they are laughing and clapping he revs it up. I mean, didn’t God tell Jeremiah that the harder their faces get the harder he should preach? That’s my interpretation.”

Bishop Akron chuckled. 

“Then you have those who not only preach a watered-down version of the Word of God, but they pick and choose what they are going to preach,” Prophet Malcolm continued.

“Why do you suppose they do that when God tells us to preach the whole counsel of God?” Bishop Akron asked. 

“Because they don’t want to offend anybody. Because they want to keep the money rolling in from the big check writers. The love of money will lead some pastors to do anything.”

Prophet Malcolm’s words left a bad taste in Bishop Akron’s mouth. He was young, charming, and in the words of many, a rising star among the young mega-church pastors. Bishop Collin Akron believed in the prosperity of the preacher and his family, and he took Paul’s words to heart: They which preach the Gospel should live of the Gospel. He preached the prosperity of the congregation that takes care of their pastor. His messages always dealt with such subjects as: “You Were Born to Prosper,” “Out of Pain and Into Gain,” “It’s Your Season” and other such foolishness, when in reality the true preacher of God preaches the Word in season and out of season whether the people like it or not.