Faithlife Acquires Wordsearch Bible Software from LifeWay

Faithlife, a church technology company based in Washington state, has acquired Wordsearch Bible Software, a digital library used widely by Christian pastors across the U.S., from LifeWay Christian Resources.  

As a result of the acquisition, Wordsearch will become a part of Logos Bible Software, a digital Bible study platform operated by Faithlife. Seven Wordsearch employees will also be transferring to Faithlife.

Faithlife announced its acquisition of Wordsearch in a Sept. 21 press release that said in part: “Beginning immediately, Wordsearch customers will receive Logos-compatible editions of most of the titles they own in their Wordsearch library, as well as a comparable version of Logos, at no charge.”

In an interview with The Christian Post, Bill Craig, LifeWay’s senior vice president of publishing, explained the decision to sell Wordsearch to Faithlife.

“We recognized that while Wordsearch has been a tremendous tool for LifeWay and LifeWay customers, it takes a significant investment to continue to develop it as a technology tool,” he said. “During the COVID season, we’re making choices about where to make strategic investments. We believe that while Wordsearch has been a tremendous asset for Lifeway, Logos and Faithlife are in a much better position to protect the investment of our customers and their digital libraries in the future.”

“We’ve had a tremendous relationship with our Wordsearch customers and our employees who have been Wordsearch employees for the last 10 years, for the last decade or so since Lifeway has owned Wordsearch,” he added. “We’re pleased that Logos is prepared to care for and take care of our Wordsearch customers with the really excellent tool that Logos Bible Software is.”

Phil Gons, vice president of Faithlife’s Bible study products, told CP that his company was excited about the opportunity to acquire Wordsearch. “It was becoming clear that the kind of Wordsearch platform in terms of technology wasn’t really progressing and advancing. It was kind of reaching an end of life,” he said.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Ryan Foley