Greg Burt on Critical Race Theory Has Infiltrated California’s Public Schools

Many Californians, who last went to school decades ago, are not familiar with critical race theory (CRT), nor do they realize how this ideology is infiltrating the state’s public school system. To understand what CRT is and its influence on public schools, read the following evidence the California Family Council has collected from recent news accounts and public websites.

Mandated Marxist Teacher Training

A California public school teacher called up the Glenn Beck radio program recently and lamented how she was forced to attend a CRT seminar by school administrators. “I did my own research online and I found out [Critical Race Theory] was founded by Karl Marx. Red flag! Red flag!” the teacher told Glenn Beck while disguising her voice in fear of retaliation from her union. “It states that facts, data, and the scientific method are ‘white concepts’. So, if you use facts and data to disprove an argument against a black person or an oppressed person, you are proving you are racist because, again, facts and data are, quote, the result of whiteness.”

As evidence, this teacher pointed to a 20-page handout she was given as part of her training titled, “How to Talk About Race Packet” published by Epoch Education, a education training center in Oakland, California. Almost the entire document is dedicated to promoting CRT theory. Here are a few bullet points on the first page explaining how CRT is a framework that helps us:

  • Understand racism as endemic to American life
  • Express skepticism toward dominant legal claims of neutrality, objectivity, color blindness, and meritocracy
  • Challenge the traditional telling of history and insist on contextual analyses of the law and systems
  • Express skepticism toward dominant legal claims of neutrality, objectivity, colorblindness, and meritocracy

On page two, teachers were taught about the “Permanence of Racism,” and “Whiteness as Property.” The document also included articles about white privilege and how racism will never end. Read the document for yourself.

The organization that provided this training document, Epoch Education, is currently hosting a series of online presentations over the next month titled, “What is Critical Race Theory… Really?” The Epoch Education website has a “Resources” page with a video titled “Challenging How History is Taught.” Within this video, Program Specialist Nicole Kukral with San Juan Unified (a district just east of Sacramento) explains how she created an “Equity Audit Rubric”… “grounded in Critical Race Theory” and how this rubric is being used by California school districts to evaluate social studies curriculum being considered for adoption.

The rubic tells teachers to evaluate history textbooks in a positive light only if the people telling the history were “people of color and other diverse communities.” There seems to be no concern regarding whether the history is an accurate description of the important events of the past, only that history told by western white men should be seen as suspect.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Greg Burt