Texas Brothers, Aged 5 and 7, Lived With Their Mother’s Corpse for a Week After She Collapsed and Died of a Suspected Heart Attack

Two young brothers were forced to live alongside their mother’s corpse inside their Texas home for a week after she died of a suspected heart attack and they were unable to call for help.

Police found the two boys, aged five and seven, fending for themselves inside their home in Talty, east of Dallas, on Sunday.

The boys’ mother, 71-year-old Connie Taylor, was found dead inside the home.

Taylor had officially adopted the boys last month after initially being their foster mother.

The brothers have not been identified.

The boys were only found after authorities were called out to the home to carry out a welfare check after they failed to show up at their nearby elementary school for a week.

Police said the boys opened the door for officers and told them their mother was ‘passed out’ on the floor and wouldn’t wake up.

The boys said they had tried to use Taylor’s cellphone to call for help but they didn’t know the password to unlock it.

They also said they didn’t know their neighbors and were too scared to go outside.

Police said the boys fended for themselves for a week by eating food from the pantry and refrigerator.

A neighbor told DFW CBS that the boys had gone into ‘survival mode’.

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Source: Daily Mail