Polish Actor Krzysztof Czeczot Working on Audio ‘Super-Production’ of the Bible Using Hundreds of Voice Actors, Original Music, and Background Sounds to Bring the Scriptures to Life

Between 2015 and 2018, the first audio adaptation of the most important book in history was created in Poland | Audio Bible/Screengrab

A Polish actor and director is working on an audio “super-production” of the Bible, using professional actors, music, and background sounds to allow listeners to fully immerse themselves in the Scriptures. 

Krzysztof Czeczot, one of Poland’s best-known actors, is employing hundreds of voice actors — from A-listers to ordinary people — to help bring the Bible to life, along with original symphonic music and background sounds recorded in Israel, Aleteia reports.

While previous Bible-based audio dramas use stereo sound, The Audio Bible instead uses binaural recording, a “spectacular 3D sound space that you can capture with an ordinary set of headphones,” notes the product website.

“It is not only an audio play – it’s an epic experience for your soul – a journey that everyone should take,” it says.

Czeczot, who has won awards for his radio work, told Aleteia he wants the Audio Bible to “feel like a cinematic audio experience.” He described the project as a “beautiful tool for everyday reflection and practice for millions of Americans and English-speaking users around the world.”

“When you close your eyes, you should be in the middle of the story, because the word has power, but also, the word has a space,” he said, adding that his team recorded in Israel to capture “the sounds of the spirit of the place.”

“We were in Jerusalem, we were in the desert, we were on the Dead Sea, we were in Jericho,” he said, recording sounds of crowds, people in the market, animals, etc.

The project will cost an estimated $1.5 million, and is “halfway through in terms of fundraising,” said co-producer Marek Zmyslowski. He told Aleteia that creators are “pretty confident about starting to record next year.”