Four Highlights from the Last Night of Family Research Center’s Virtual 2020 Values Voter Summit

One of the nation’s largest Christian conservative advocacy organizations Family Research Council hosted its annual Values Voter Summit last week, a four-day digital summit that featured remarks from President Donald Trump as well as other notable politicians, religious leaders and celebrities. 

Speakers addressed issues related to abortion, religious liberty, gender identity, the U.S. Supreme Court and the need for prayer as the country faces multiple challenges including a pandemic and social unrest.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the Values Voter Summit, an annual conference usually held at a Washington, D.C. hotel and attended by hundreds of social conservatives from across the nation, was virtual this year.

Earlier in the week, Sen. Josh Hawley spoke on the possibility conservatives have to reverse decades of disappointing Supreme Court rulings with the current vacancy in the wake of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death. On Tuesday, a panel of experts spoke about the consequences of American society’s embrace of transgender ideology.

On Wednesday, Southern Baptist leader Al Mohler, head of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, warned that politicians are using the coronavirus pandemic as a pretense to enact policies demonstrating an “overt hostility” toward churches.

The following pages focus on four highlights from Friday, the final night of the 2020 Values Voter Summit.

Trump to people of faith: ‘I am with you 100%’

President Donald Trump, who became the first sitting president to address the annual gathering of social conservatives in 2017, produced two taped segments for this year’s Values Voter Summit that aired at the end of the broadcast Friday night.

In the first segment, filmed outside the White House, Trump touted his administration’s accomplishments on behalf of the pro-life movement and his accomplishments related to religious freedom issues.