Bibles For The World to Distribute Thousands of Bibles to Schoolchildren in South Sudan

Image courtesy of Victor Kwashie via Unsplash

Bibles For The World plans to distribute thousands of New Testaments to children in South Sudan through a new ministry partnership.

South Sudan is the youngest sovereign country in the world. The nation has a large Christian population. President John Pudaite explains how Bibles For The World received this opportunity for Scripture distribution throughout the country.

“The minister of education is a strong believer in Jesus Christ. He invited our national partners to provide their curriculum, which is a Bible-based, early discipleship curriculum, to all the public schools the government schools in South Sudan,” he says.

“The national partners reached out to a number of international ministries looking for help [with] this project. When we heard about it, we [were] very excited to see this door opening for the message of Jesus Christ to be brought to the children of South Sudan.”

Partners For The Word

Bibles For The World’s partner, The Mailbox Club, will distribute workbooks in the schools. They asked Bibles For The World to provide New Testaments, enabling students to study God’s Word.

“The curriculum, of course, has Scripture throughout, but we want to provide at least a New Testament to the children so they can follow along, read for themselves, [and] take it home for their families also to read,” Pudaite says.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Rachel Pfeiffer


  • Pray for Southern Sudanese leaders.
  • Pray Bibles For The World’s partnership continues to grow.
  • Pray for God’s protection on this ministry.