John Stonestreet on God is Calling the Church to Repent

Dutch theologian Herman Bavinck gave, perhaps, the most fundamental reason that, as God’s people, we should prioritize prayer – not just because we are Christian but because we are humanBavinck said:

Prayer is fitting for us because God is God, because of all his attributes: faithfulness, grace, omnipotence, goodness, and so on. Furthermore, we also depend on him for everything; having nothing from ourselves we need to receive everything from him. Prayer is therefore deeply grounded in human nature…a necessity for its being…

The idea here is, of course, the dependence creatures have, by definition, on their Creator. And, another aspect of our creatureliness spoken of in Scripture is not only that we exist, but when and where we exist. God has, according to Paul’s teaching found in Acts 17, placed each and every one of us in particular times and particular places. The chaos of the cultural moment is all the reason we need to pray that we could possibly need.

Each Wednesday since early August, the Colson Center has hosted a National Prayer Webinar, via Zoom and Facebook Live, to pray for our country and the Church. Thousands have joined us.

When Focus on the Family president Jim Daly led our prayer time a few weeks ago, he said, “When it gets rough [in times] like this, it’s time for Christians to show the confidence we have in what we believe. And as the Body of Christ, we must bring true hope to the world – using the best ‘weapons’ we could ever have – the fruits of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.” The kind that only comes through prayer.

Since we’ve started to pray together, I’ve sensed with many others that God most wants to reform, not the culture, but His Church. He is graciously stirring His Church to action, especially by calling His people to repentance.

This Sunday, September 27th, hundreds of churches throughout America will be participating in a time dedicated to prayer and repentance. What’s being called “Repentance Sunday” has been organized and endorsed by the leaders from more than 50 churches and ministries. I know this is somewhat late notice, but repentance is always a good thing to do, isn’t it? You can still join in.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, John Stonestreet