Brandon Showalter on My Thoughts After Watching “Divided Hearts of America”

Mere days before Associate Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died, I got to pre-screen the film “Divided Hearts of America,” produced by former NFL champion Benjamin Watson.

For many reasons, I highly recommend it and I can’t help but notice the coincidental timing of what is likely to be a tense, if not extremely ugly, battle over the high court vacancy. No doubt, abortion will be brought up many times.

The documentary, which is now streaming on many platforms, thoughtfully explores the questions that have — let’s be brutally honest — torn the United States apart, namely, “When does life begin?” and “Are the unborn human?”

Americans disagree vehemently on these matters, and the divisions have only intensified as the years have passed. We now appear to have arrived at a reckoning of sorts.

Though Watson’s views on the subject are well-known, as he is a popular speaker in pro-life circles, he masterfully captures many angles without being preachy and overbearing and deserves credit for engaging those who disagree with him.

The film touches many dimensions of the abortion debate, tracing how we got to where we are today. Watson documents how liberal states such as New York and Illinois have revamped their abortion statutes following Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court. The abortion rulings in Roe v. WadeDoe v. Bolton, and Planned Parenthood v. Casey, are seen among abortion-rights advocates as being under threat. But should any of those precedents be struck down at the federal level, the states would still permit legal abortion with few if any restrictions.

In what was a jarring moment for many pro-life Americans, the New York legislature expanded its laws last year to allow abortion procedures up to birth. When it was passed in the state Legislature, there was rapturous cheering and applause from the audience in the chamber. Likewise, the Empire State Building in New York City was illuminated in pink in celebration of abortion.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Brandon Showalter