Tim Keller Says Christians Are Not Obligated to Vote a Certain Way Because the Bible ‘Does Not Speak Directly’ to Political Positions

Tim Keller speaks at The Gospel Coalition 2017 National Conference in April. | (Photo: YouTube/TGC)

Notable author and pastor Timothy Keller has denounced the idea that a Christian must vote for Donald Trump or must vote for Joe Biden, citing a “liberty of conscience.”

In a series of posts to Twitter last week that has sparked debate, Keller discussed how Christians should approach conscience and political involvement.

“The Bible binds my conscience to care for the poor, but it does not tell me the best practical way to do it,” he tweeted. “Any particular strategy (high taxes and government services vs low taxes and private charity) may be good and wise …”

“[It] may even be somewhat inferred from other things the Bible teaches, but they are not directly commanded and therefore we cannot insist that all Christians, as a matter of conscience, follow one or the other.”

Keller went on to declare that Democrats and Republicans “offer a potpourri of different positions on these and many other topics, most of which, as just noted-the Bible does not speak … to directly,” he continued.

“This means when it comes to taking political positions, voting, determining alliances and political involvement, the Christian has liberty of conscience. Christians cannot say to other Christians ‘no Christian can vote for…’ or ‘every Christian must vote for […’] unless you can find a Biblical command to that effect,” continued Keller.

Keller received several critical posts in response, including one from Charles Yarbrough, a pastor and Bible teacher from Georgia.

“Hey Tim…No Christian should vote for anyone who advocates the murder of babies in the womb, and in some cases like the governor of Virginia, even after they are born. This is indescribable evil…period,” Yarbrough tweeted.

Marshall Albritton, a lawyer, tweeted in response that while he agreed with Keller, he nevertheless felt that “2 things are essential and nonnegotiables.”

“Everyone, including political leaders regardless of party, must say that abortion is evil,” said Albritton. “The Govt should not fund abortion. Political reality now is that 1 party refuses to do either of these.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Michael Gryboski