Giancarlo Granda threatened to kill himself over adulterous and fornicating relationship with Becki Falwell; she told Miami pool boy to ‘stay off social media’ because ‘It’s all left wing nut jobs. That’s from Jerry.’

The former Miami pool boy whose affair with Jerry Falwell Jr’s wife led Falwell to resign as president of Liberty University has spoken out in a new interview.

Giancarlo Granda, 29, provided years of text messages and emails to back up his account in an interview with the Washington Post published on Friday.

Granda says he had a six-year affair with Falwell’s wife Becki that began when they met in Miami in 2012, when he was just 20 and was working as a pool boy.

He claims that Jerry knew about it and watched them have sex the first time, then continued to give his blessing to the affair for years afterwards. Jerry acknowledges the affair, but vehemently denies that he participated in or knew about it.

‘I was groomed,’ Granda said in the new interview. ‘And before I knew it, I was trapped.’

Granda, who now lives in the Washington area and recently earned a graduate degree from Georgetown, said his involvement with the Falwells ruined his relationships with girlfriends, and even led him to contemplate suicide.

‘I’ve been living with this hell for so long,’ he said. ‘I just want to get out.’

In late 2018, after Buzzfeed published an article about his strange business deal with the Falwells, in which they co-owned a commercial property in Miami, Granda flew into a panic, fearful that the affair would be exposed.

‘My life is absolutely ruined,’ he texted Becki in December of 2018 along with a photo of the article, according to the Post. He threatened suicide.

‘When they find my lifeless body hanging in the woods, please make sure Logan is returned to my family,’ he wrote, referring to his dog. ‘Goodbye.’

‘Stay off social media,’ Becki replied. ‘It’s all left wing nut jobs. That’s from Jerry.’

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Source: Daily Mail