Richard D. Land Answers: Do ‘White Privilege’ and ‘Critical Race Theory’ Policies Reduce Racism?

Question:  Does “white fragility” and “critical race theory” impede or promote Dr. King’s vision?

I have had an extraordinary experience this past week. Last Friday evening the Trump administration issued an Executive Order mandating all federal agencies to do “everything possible with the law” to cancel contracts or programs promoting “white privilege” and “critical race theory.”

I sent out a series of tweets expressing my approval of this action, stating that “taxpayers should never be funding programs that target or ‘single out’ any one ethnic group — in this case whites — to the exclusion of other ethnic groups since we are all part of the one human race. It is not only immoral, but likely illegal under current civil rights laws to do so.”

It also violates federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) regulations against racial and gender discrimination in the workplace. Why is gender mentioned? Many of these mandated required programs in the federal workplace also speak about “male toxicity” and single out white males for special indoctrination sessions.

Richard D. Land (Photo: The Christian Post/Katherine T. Phan)

Holding mandated programs in the federal workplace where “whites only” or “white males only” are required to attend sessions where they are expected to “confirm their white privilege” and acknowledge their “complicity” in perpetrating racism sound more like a parody of a Maoist re-education session than anything that should ever take place on American soil, certainly never at taxpayers’ expense.

I can think of nothing more corrosive to Dr. King’s vision of an America where all are judged “not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

I have been shocked by the response to my tweets. I expected a visceral, knee-jerk, negative backlash from those who would accuse the president and me of racism.

There was some of that, but what shocked me more were the very positive responses I received and the stories of many Americans who felt bullied and emotionally abused by these programs not only in the federal workplace but in corporate America and on college campuses.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Richard D. Land