Georgia Pastor Fred Evers of Northside Baptist Church Dies of Cancer at 64

TIFTON — Fred Evers became well-known for his 21 years as pastor of Northside Baptist Church, but his legacy extends to state leadership as well as mentoring a number of young ministers, friends say.

Evers, diagnosed with esophageal cancer last year, died at 10:45 a.m. Sept. 7. His wife of 45 years, Cindy, reported the news publicly on a page dedicated by Northside Baptist on updates regarding its pastor.

“I spent last night and this morning holding Fred’s hand, reading scripture, and playing praise music,” she wrote. “It just seemed a fitting way to walk a child of God home. I will treasure the time I had with him in these last months as precious, because they were every minute!

“When he left this Earth, his hand went from holding my hand to holding Jesus’s hand. While my heart is shattered into a million pieces, I find my heart is also bursting with gratitude to God for the incredible things he has done for Fred and me.”

A native of Jacksonville, Fla., Evers also served as a pastor in Georgia at Stone Creek Baptist Church in Dry Branch and Wesleyan Drive Baptist in Macon. He began at Northside on June 20, 1999 with the church seeing gains during his tenure in several areas including baptisms, membership, discipleship, and Sunday School enrollment. In 2007 Northside completed a relocation campaign under his leadership.

Even in recent weeks, Evers continued to preach and minister at Northside whether through preaching at the church or via numerous devotional videos on Facebook.

Convention engagement

Evers served in numerous capacities with the Georgia Baptist Convention. Those positions include chairman of the Administration Committee, chairman of the Executive Committee, president of the Preaching Conference, member of the CP Budget Committee, and chairman of the Nominating Committee. In addition, he was a board of trustee member for Brewton-Parker College, New Orleans Theological Seminary, and Truett McConnell University.

In 2006 Evers was chairman of the Institutional Task Force that presented its report to the GBC annual meeting and strengthened the convention’s relationship with its institutions through its role of “sole membership” regarding those entities.

Convention attorney Tom Duvall explained the concept. “‘Sole membership’ is the legal term used by non-profit organizations. Our institutions were incorporated before we had a non-profit corporation code. ‘Sole membership’ will mean that our institutions will have one shareholder – the Georgia Baptist Convention.”

J. Robert White, who served as Georgia Baptist executive director until retiring in 2018, pointed to Evers’ leadership on the Task Force as an example of his impact for the GBC.

“That was very important. I saw Fred lead in a number of ways in the state, including on the Executive Committee and Administration Committee. I preached for him a few times at Northside and he became a great friend. You could pick up the phone at any time and he was available to pray for you. He loved his wife, Cindy, very much and was tremendously proud of his children,” said White.

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Source: Christian Index