New College Graduates Consider a Gap Year Amid Job Shortages

In an economy stalled by COVID-19, recent graduates and current college students are staring down uncertain futures. Instead of seeking to beat out peers, many find themselves vying for their first jobs against more experienced workers. Glassdoor reports the availability of entry-level jobs is down 68% compared to May 2019.

For many, this means putting plans on hold as they scramble for other options.

Jennifer Holloran with Wycliffe Bible Translators says with so much uncertainty in the job market, 2020 might be a great time to take a gap year. “I do think that there are more students out there thinking about internships, thinking about how to use a gap year, especially if they’re not as excited about taking some of their classes virtually. And so a gap year with an internship could be a great way to supplement their education, fulfill some of those requirements.”

Wycliffe USA offers a variety of internships domestically and abroad. Students or grads absorb real-world experiences while contributing to Bible translation. Programs can be tailored to individual needs or interests and often Wycliffe USA programs can count toward course credit.

Who Can Apply?

Internship applicants come from many different backgrounds. They can be students or graduates but need to be at least 18 years old or older.

Holloran emphasizes that while Wycliffe USA is uniquely focused on translation, these internships aren’t just for linguistics students. “The reality is we have internship needs across all sorts of different disciplines. And we’re really looking for people in IT and literacy, education, and of course, linguistics.

“I would encourage people even if they think, ‘Hmm, can Wycliffe use my skills? This kind of background?’ Please check us out because there’s a really good likelihood that we can.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Anna Deckert


  • Pray that new interns would have life changing experiences with the Gospel.
  • Learn more about Wycliffe USA’s various internship opportunities and how you might fit into a program today.
  • Ask God to give Wycliffe USA staff wisdom as they place interns in their various programs.