Michael Brown on Those Who Control the Language Control the Culture

(Unsplash/ Joshua Hoehne)

Speaking of Orwell’s 1984, a blog post noted that, “By controlling the language, Big Brother controls the way that the people think. With a limited vocabulary, the people are limited in how much they can think as well as what they think about.”

That’s why we should be concerned with Dictionary.com‘s “biggest update ever.”

Yes, in addition to the many new words added “are the deeper revisions that document what drives us here at Dictionary.com: the ways language is constantly evolving. A great many of these entries we’ve updated address topics that touch all of us on the most personal levels: race and ethnicity, gender and sexuality, health and wellness.”

The revisions are intended to “help eliminate heterosexual bias in language,” and they were “informed” by the gay activist (or gay activist-driven) organizations GLAAD and the American Psychological Association (APA). No wonder LGBTQ websites like Out.com are celebrating the changes.

What, then, were some of these major revisions?

First, references to the words “homosexual” and “homosexuality” were removed from references within the dictionary. Why? Dictionary.com wants “to put people, not practices, first, and ensure our definitions reflect—and respect—how people use language.”

As for the words “homosexual” and “homosexuality,” they “originated as clinical language, and dictionaries have historically perceived such language as scientific and unbiased. But homosexual and homosexuality are now associated with pathology, mental illness and criminality, and so imply that being gay—a normal way of being—is sick, diseased or wrong.”

So, because there is nothing wrong with being homosexual practice—thus says Dictionary.com—and because “homosexuality” implies that something is wrong, references to the word must be removed from definitions and descriptions.

Practically speaking, this means that “gayness” is now defined as “gay or lesbian sexual orientation or behavior” compared to the outmoded gloss of “homosexuality.”

And in keeping with Dictionary.com‘s new wokeness, reflected in capitalizing the B in Black when it comes to race, the website has also capitalized the P in Pride when it comes to gay pride.

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SOURCE: Charisma News