Colorado prepares for snow with temperatures plummeting up to 70F in 24 hours – the biggest single-day drop in 150 years – after 100F weekend that sparked raging wildfires across the state

Denver is set to experience the biggest temperature drop for nearly 150 years as raging wildfires turn to snow overnight in Colorado.

Snow is expected on Tuesday in Fort Collins, the Denver metro area and along the Interstate 25 corridor.

The National Weather service says Denver’s temperature is set to drop up to 70 degrees within one day.

The current record for the city is 66 degrees within 24 hours, which happened in 1872.

The snow is also unusually early, with the average first snowfall in Denver happening on October 18.

The last time it snowed there in September was in 2014, but it was only a small amount.

Video shares online on Tuesday morning showed heavy snowfall, with residents shocked at the sudden change in temperature.

The second biggest one-day temperature drop of 64 degrees happened in 1888, while Denver experienced a 61-degree drop in 2015.

On Tuesday, up to 20 inches of snow is expected to fall in some parts of Colorado, helping put out the dangerous wildfires that have burned through the state.

The National Weather Service have warned residents of broken tree limbs and power outages due to the snow.

It comes after one person died and 50 were trapped by wildfires in California as blazes ripped through Washington, Utah Colorado and Oregon during a record heatwave.

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Source: Daily Mail