Meet the Black Women Marketers Making It Happen as Founders of the Sax Agency

Owners Kara Sax and Tamara Keller of The Sax Agency have been making major noise in the areas of branding, collaborative marketing, project management, advertising, and media as a whole. As a certified Black, woman-owned marketing and consulting agency, their portfolio spans a large and diverse client base. From dealing with Fortune 100 companies, athletes and entertainers, to startup brands and nonprofit organizations, these women make things happen for their clients.

Tell us how your partnership came about.

About 12 or 13 years ago we were introduced by mutual friends. As women we tend to have that instinct when we meet people, whether or not they will be for a moment or for life. We both knew we were “lifers” from the moment we met.

What made you start The Sax Agency?

We moved to Los Angeles around the same time both dealing with significant shifts in our personal lives, which led to us both leaving our corporate jobs and stepping out on faith to tap into our creative sides.

When we decided to move to L.A., Kara was speaking with a friend who happened to work in VH1’s unscripted division about a show concept we had and they got us an opening to come in and pitch the show! It was a whirlwind experience, as we ended up pitching our show to many major networks—BET, WeTV, etc. In the process, we researched and hired who was supposed to be “the best” marketing firm. We were sorely disappointed in their marketing presentation, work, strategy, and just overall execution. We immediately thought since we saw all these glitches in the matrix, and all of those skills came naturally to us, that this might be our calling … and here we are nine years later.

How does The Sax Agency plan on finishing the year strong in the midst of a pandemic?

Doubling down on investing in ourselves, continuing to be students of our craft, and plain old hard work.  When the pandemic happened, we recognized this moment in time as the “Great Equalizer” and in many ways, businesses across the globe were starting over. We confidently took our position and took off. Our ability to be proactive and focused on moving forward was critical. We are now walking in our season of abundance and chance-taking and have refused to look back. We have kicked the roof off the self-imposed glass ceiling over our heads and realized that we in fact can go confidently toe-to-toe with the best firms in the industry. We are prouder than ever to not only lead with our talents, but also with the fact that we are a proud, strong, Black women-led agency. Our clients continue to “word of mouth” us to new heights.

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Source: Black Enterprise