Joseph Mattera on 10 Signs You Lack a Biblical Worldview

Throughout the years, I have discovered that the average Christian, along with many ministers, lack a biblical worldview. When I use the term “biblical worldview,” I’m referring to the practice of interpreting life through the lens of Scripture. That is to say, your view of such issues as politics, the sanctity of life, marriage, economics, education, science, the law, etc., should derive from biblical principles. The average believer usually has only a piecemeal understanding of Scripture instead of a comprehensive world and life view. As a result, we have seen the Church become irrelevant in the public square.

If we are going to fulfill our assignment as the salt of the earth and the light of the world, we need to shift the body of Christ towards a consistent, cohesive, and comprehensive faith. Anything less than this will result in a continual decline of morality in civil society. This article aims to inspire believers to think God’s thoughts as it pertains to faith and culture.

Courtesy of Joseph Mattera

The following are 10 signs you lack a biblical worldview:

1. You think the word “government” refers only to politics.

I have often asked Christ-followers, “What is the first thing you think about when I say the word ‘government?’’ Invariably the answer is always about the president, their governor, or their mayor. They think of a political leader.

Our culture has been brainwashed by humanist thinking for the past 150 years. Such thinking has led many to believe that civic government is responsible for taking care of our every need. If one were to look up the definition of “government” in an early 19th-century edition of Webster’s dictionary, its meaning would be, “individual responsibility,” not “political leadership.” Oh, how far we have fallen regarding this definition. Biblically speaking, there are five jurisdictions in Scripture. Civil government is only one of them. The other four are personal responsibility, family government, business, and Church. When your view of government is exclusively related to politics, it shows your worldview is dominated by secular humanism instead of a Judeo-Christian worldview. For more on this subject, read my book Understanding the Wineskin of the Kingdom.

2. You know only biblical passages that deal with personal spirituality.

The average believer has no biblical reference for anything other than individual promises of God. They may know a passage on healing, prayer, financial blessing, and the like, but they have no biblical understanding of principles related to civic government, history, business, or economics.