8 Reasons Church Pain Can Be the Worst Pain

If you haven’t been through church pain, you probably will.

8 Reasons Church Pain Can Be the Worst Pain

We’re all fallen people—redeemed sinners—which means we sometimes still reflect our fallenness. Church pain, though, can be some of the deepest pain. Here’s why:

  1. We expect better. After all, this is the church. God’s people. They’re supposed to act Christian. Things shouldn’t be this way.
  2. We’re seldom prepared for it. We don’t go looking for conflict with church people. When it comes, it catches us off guard.
  3. We love God’s people. Deeply, even. God’s people can be great. Church battles, though, mangle relationships with those same people—and the depth of our love makes that pain even deeper.
  4. We don’t understand it. Why would God’s people act like they do sometimes? And, why would God allow it to happen? Our questions don’t help our pain.

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Source: Church Leaders