South Korea to Seek Indemnity Against Seoul Church Over Coronavirus Treatment Costs After Outbreak

The Sarang Jeil Church, centre of a new cluster of coronavirus disease infections, in Seoul, South Korea. (Photo: Reuters)

South Korea’s national health insurance operator said Monday it will push to force a Seoul church and its members, blamed for a recent spike in coronavirus cases, to cover costs of treatment of patients linked to it.

A total of 1,056 cases traced to Sarang Jeil Church in northern Seoul were confirmed as of Monday at 25 locations across the country.

The state-run National Health Insurance Service (NHIS) said it will exercise its right to indemnity against organizations and people who hampered the authorities’ efforts to stem COVID-19 spread over the cost it spent to treat them.

The agency estimated the treatment cost for 1,035 church-related patients confirmed as of Sunday to be some 6.5 billion won (US$5.48 million).

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SOURCE: Yonhap