Robin Schumacher on The Antichrist Cycle

In his book, How Should We Then Live?, Francis Schaeffer describes the background and culture that brought about the totalitarian rule of the Caesars this way:

“Before the days of Caesar, the senate could not keep order. Armed gangs terrorized the city of Rome and the normal processes of government were disrupted as rivals fought for power. Self-interest became more significant than social interest, however sophisticated the trappings. Thus, in desperation the people accepted authoritarian government.”

Sound familiar?

In America, we’re now seeing a near-complete breakdown of law and order that differs from past episodes in at least two ways. First, historically, criminals used to at least acknowledge they were committing moral wrongs, but not today. Witness the recent example of the looting and property damage that totaled $60 million in Chicago in just one night, and rather than being decried, it was brazenly supported by groups who called it “reparations”.

Secondly, in many cases, the prosecutors and politicians who have been appointed to maintain civil peace are cowardly bowing to the mobs and – in an unprecedented fashion – choosing to keep the criminals safe from us instead of keeping us safe from the criminals.

Courtesy of Robin Schumacher

In short, the same type of anarchy that ancient Rome experienced is occurring today. And like back then, such uproar will produce desperation in a population who, hoping to re-establish peace, will cede their freedoms to an authoritarian ruler who appears on the surface to give them what they want.

But the Church won’t bow the knee, right? Don’t be so sure. Remember that even the bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church rejoiced at the elevation of Stalin to the role of Premier of the Soviet Union and saw it as a good and providential act of God that would result in peace and prosperity for their country. How wrong they were.

Sadly, history shows this cycle repeats time and again. It’s also how the Bible says the ultimate and final dictator will one day take control.

The ultimate replacement with the ultimate gift
You can count on it like the rising of the sun: when you hold God’s funeral, someone will always take His place. The names differ, but the pattern remains the same.

The lineage of Egyptian kings, and names like Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Caligula, Domitian push right up into the past century with Hitler, Stalin, etc., and are exhibited today with leaders like those in North Korea and China. All of them being biblical types and examples of what John said long ago: “so now many antichrists have come” (1 John 2:18).

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Robin Schumacher