Sadly, the Civil War That Some Whites and Some Blacks in Our Society Have Wanted for a Long Time is Ramping Up. True Men of God Need to Stand Up and Devilish Hotheads Need to Stand Down; 2 Killed in Kenosha – Another Man Was Killed in Portland Last Night

One person was shot dead in Portland on Saturday night as tensions between pro-Trump supporters and Black Lives Matter counter-protesters boiled over.

The victim was pictured lying on the ground wearing a Patriot Prayer baseball cap, appearing to show support for the far-Right group which is frequently present during Portland protests. 

The Portland protest was one of many that Donald Trump’s supporters staged across the country on Saturday, with hundreds of people congregating in Los Angeles, Georgia and beyond to celebrate their president and rally for his re-election.

In Washington DC, Black Lives Matter protesters were tear gassed to push them away from the White House, while in Kenosha, Wisconsin – where Jacob Blake was shot on August 23 – protests continued, but were largely peaceful.

The White House announced that Trump is scheduled to visit Kenosha on Tuesday – which many fear could exacerbate tensions in the city.

In Portland – where there have been 95 nights of unrest in the wake of the May 25 shooting of George Floyd – more than 600 cars flying Trump flags and banners set off in a convoy around and through the city, after tense scenes at their meeting point and clashes with counter-protesters.

The shooting took place on Southwest 3rd Avenue and Alder Street – along the main throughfare which runs through the heart of Portland, past Portland State University.

Police told Oregon Live that the victim had died.

Mayor Ted Wheeler said in a text message to Oregon Public Broadcasting that he was ‘aware of the situation.’

‘Gathering information now,’ he continued. ‘Will be transparent with public. Asking for people to remain calm and not add to this tragedy.’

As the convoy of Trump vehicles entered the city center, Trump supporters sitting in the back of pick ups used pepper spray on counter-protesters. Eggs were thrown at their trucks and cars, and the Trump supporters retaliated by turning paintball guns on the crowd, allegedly firing ball bearings.

A reporter was among those shot by the paintball guns.

Two bare-chested men were filmed punching each other as the violence spread. Riot police swarmed into the center and began making arrests.

A block away from the scene of the shooting, a black man in a face mask was pictured in an animated discussion with Joey Gibson, a Right-wing political activist and founder of Patriot Prayer.

Meanwhile, the driver of a dark-colored sedan revved his engine and then sped towards the crowd of BLM protesters before driving off, miraculously managing to not hit anyone.

One BLM supporter was attacked as he filmed the license plates of MAGA cars.

An angry group of Trump supporters got out of a car and confronted the activist, who was knocked to the ground.

The Trump supporters then turned and walked away.

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Source: Daily Mail